We gather leading european actors committed to change the world of sustainable packaging.

With a presence in more than 30 countries and 20 millions customers reach, (RE)SET sponsors offer a unique opportunity to bring the very best innovation on the market, create a tremendous impact and accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

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Altho is a French company specialised in manufacturing potato Crisps, which sells its products in almost all of France’s supermarket. Altho markets it’s own brand, Bret’s, as much as private label where it is  a major leader.

Altho is also developing on the international level, either with its own brand, Bret’s, or with private labels. It is currently present in Europe, Asia and Africa.

For many years now, Altho has been placing the environmental approach at the heart of its concerns. Anxious to ally sustainable development and economic competitiveness, it is always looking for more and more innovative solutions.


Carrefour is a global leader in Retail. As part of its ambition to become the world leader in the food transition for everyone, Carrefour is committing to reduce the amount of plastic packaging it uses in its activities and to promote packaging solutions that are more environmentally-friendly. Carrefour aims to reach 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging for its own brands by 2025.


Cérélia is a leading European manufacturer of ready-to-use dough and has a wide product range that includes rolled pie dough, pizza dough, exotic dough, pastries and organic dough, selling its products both through retailers’, industrials’ and own brands.

Cérélia is heavily committed to Sustainable Development, through its CSR program “We are Cérélia and we care”. Cérélia conviction is based on the fact that sustainable development can only succeed when equal attention is given to environmental, economic, and social issues.


Essity is a leading global hygiene and health company dedicated to improving well-being through products and solutions, essentials for everyday life.

In 2018, Essity won the “Technological Innovation of the Year” award for the Tork EasyCube® and the “Best Practice: Sustainability” award for Tork PaperCircle™ at the European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards.

In France, Essity manufactures and sells hygiene and health market-leading products through a portfolio of renowned brands such as Cutimed, Demak’Up, JOBST, Leukoplast, Lotus, Nana, Okay, Radiante, TENA, Tensosport and Tork.


Europe Snacks, founded in 1991, has in 25 years become one of the main players on the French market for private label savoury snacks and the leader in the stacked chips segment.

Thanks to its manufacturing expertise and R&D know-how, Europe Snacks continues to develop innovative quality products and offers a wide range of Snacks, Crackers and Stacked Chips to retailers and brand owners around the world.


LSDH Group is the leading producer of ambient and refrigerated fruit juices, and one of the last independent producers of drinking milk in France. The group has expanded its activities to catering activities and fourth range salads since Les Crudettes joined it in 2013. LSDH processes and packages all liquid food products in cardboard packaging, plastic bottles, and glass bottles.

Innovation and environmental sustainability are at the heart of LSDH’s purpose, and it thrives on a range of global initiatives, from the development of new packaging & materials to logistics solutions.


Système U is a leading French retailers’ company, comprising about eight hundred independent hypermarkets and supermarkets in France. Make retail differently is Systeme U’s leitmotif, and it mainly consists of banning all controversial substances of its own brand products, removing useless or substitutable plastic from products or packaging, and reaching 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.